It is only once we find where our limits lie that we can start to push them…

I have always harboured an insatiable fascination with the world around me.

As a naturalist and explorer at heart; the wild, untamed places of the world conjured in my mind a mystique of the exotic and raw power of nature unconquered by the hand of man.

It was through a yearning to capture and present the beauty of nature and the classical world that drew me to photography.

For over 5 years now I've been pursuing photography as a serious hobby and have only recently reached the stage whereby, in my view, I am able to produce consistent results. The few gems that occasionally come out of the mix makes it all the more satisfying.

The very best of photographs have a way of invoking a sense of awe and desire in the spectator and it was the ability to invoke this sense of emotion that I one day aspire to achieve in myself.

I hope you enjoy viewing my images on Corthyll Photography as much as I enjoyed taking them.